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‘Life is a joyful gift. My bold, vibrant paintings reflect this positive outlook. The paintings abound with exuberance and life. The creative process is a portal to my intellectual and emotional understanding of all I see and understand. An idea bounces into my head and a concept is born. I sketch quickly to capture ever-flowing thoughts that tumble through my mind to clarify the original concept. Sometime I write notes amidst my sketches because verbal and visual expression of an idea is synonymous in my process. Paint is my agent of discovery, flowing in and around the sketched imagery until all areas of the canvas are covered. I stand back. I struggle to make logical sense of what is before me. There is a degree of order in the original drawing marks that remain visible. I begin to observe, to see – to really see. I no longer simply “look.” Some of the initial drawing formations recede or come forth strongly. The paint twists and turns until the image complements the original concept. Human and botanical forms distort and stretch themselves into a more readily defined logic. I re-draw. New imagery appears. Clarity of process and thought blend to form the final image – the resolution to my quest.’

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Moira Elliott was born in Twickenham, England. At 17, her work was uniquely selected to be hung in the Schools Council Building in London. Subsequently, she was educated at Homerton College at Cambridge University. She painted in Europe and the Middle East before settling in Canada. Her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions. She has had solo exhibitions in Vancouver and elsewhere in the lower mainland. Moira has been represented by galleries in Quebec, Vancouver, and White Rock BC. Her painting are in public, corporate and private collections in Canada, England, Japan, and the USA.

Moira’s works of art can be reproduced in almost any size that meets your requirements.

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