I consider myself as an artist first and foremost, and this belief is the backbone of my teaching philosophy. I view my students through the eyes of an artist and not as a teacher who judges student success by whether or not they adhere to the stated criteria. Above all, my students are taught as individuals – no matter how large a class they may find themselves in. I observe their art – and through it, I see them – who they are and what makes them “tick.” I suggest and encourage my students to create a visual response of their own to a concept- usually providing them with a choice of materials and media to work with.

All my classes hum with enthusiasm and delight as the students discover what subject they wish to concentrate on, and together we consider a variety of possibilities that will ensure the best outcome. I have never taught the same lesson twice, and I have never displayed a collection of student work where it is hard to tell one work from another.

I have taught art to all ages – from grade one students to seniors. I have taught in colleges, adult and community centres and in public and private schools in the UK and Canada. I have established my own Art Program in two schools, and I am proud of my students – some of whom have gone on to study at reputable Art Institutions in the USA and Canada.

I must add that over the years I have encountered many adults who feel quite anxious when they first come to a class. They truly believe that they are ‘not at all artistic’ or that they ‘cannot draw anything other than stick people.’ I can honestly say that I have taught numerous adults over the years who have ended their classes absolutely delighted and surprised by what they can do. It is a magical thing to behold.

I teach individuals and small groups in my studio. Please contact me for more details.

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